MacLeod Agronomics was formed in 2003 as a crop and cattle farming operation in Carleton County, New Brunswick. Custom service offerings have been developed to include no-till seeding, frost seeding and custom forage harvest services. The farm has diversified to include direct marketed grass-finished beef , to complement feeder cattle production for local natural beef markets.

MacLeod Agronomics has offered professional consulting services since 2005, specializing in international greenhouse gas and renewable energy projects. MacLeod Agronomics has also diversified and now provides a host of agricultural consulting services for farmers and the agri-community.

Increasing the bottom line in a tough business environment is the task facing the ag-industry. Efficiency and innovation are what keep farmers on the ground. MacLeod Agronomics offers support services to explore innovative options, and put profitable practices to work.

Services ‘In The Field’

Agronomic services from MacLeod Agronomics are available for projects soil, tree, forage or crops related. Manure and Nutrient management planning compliment crop rotation, seeding and grazing consulting services.

A fresh look at the farm nutrient cycle, a row of trees planted to manage snow and reduce energy use, field maps and fertility planning. All of the services offered by MacLeod Agronomics focus on maintaining sustainable, profitable ag-production within a small environmental footprint. Efficiency is the key to profitable farming and MacLeod Agronomics is dedicated to enhancing both.

A full line of seeding equipment is available for rent or custom seeding services. MacLeod Agronomics offers cash crop and livestock producers a chance to work no-till and frost seeding into the cropping system, without more investment in iron.

‘In-Field’ service offerings include:

  • Manure & Nutrient Management, Environmental Farm Planning
  • Farmstead Shelterbelt and Riparian Area Design Services
  • Grazing and Forage Management Consulting Services
  • No-Till Custom Seeding & Custom Forage Harvest

Services ‘Off The Field’

Managing the farms greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an opportunity for capitalizing on efficiency. Sustainable development projects, renewable energy consult, on-farm research and info-services are offered along with GHG assessment and management services for the farm or agri-business.

Putting innovative practices to work is what we do for our clients and on our own livestock operation. Commercial research and demonstration on our 100-acre beef operation in Carleton County, New Brunswick is where we test new concepts. But your farm is your lab. We can help you test your own concepts with confidence.

Client projects will benefit from MacLeod Agronomics’ experience in the GHG science and management field. Agriculture is well positioned to capitalize on the emerging bio-economy. With four-years of carbon management experience and strategic partnerships in renewable energy services, MacLeod Agronomics offers the support necessary to make it happen for your farm or agri-business.

Off the-Field service offerings include:

  • Greenhouse Gas Project Design, Consult and Management
  • Seminars and Communications Services
  • Renewable Energy Systems Design and Planning
  • On-Farm Research and Farm Management Support